DIGITALROUTES@CULTURE MAIN OBJECTIVES To promote social entrepreneurship education, cultural awareness and digital competences in an attempt to address issues of…
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Ecotourism 2023
Ecotourism 2023 MAIN OBJECTIVES Increase the performance of the Destination Management Units in order to have a high-quality management with…
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Nature for people
Nature for people MAIN OBJECTIVES Strengthen the relationship between the local community and Călimani National Park by organizing Park Day…
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The State of Europe
The State of Europe MAIN OBJECTIVES Collecting and disseminating examples of good practices in areas such as biodiversity conservation, green…
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Ciclism și observarea păsărilor
Cycling and Birdwatching
Cycling and Birdwatching MAIN OBJECTIVES Raise tourism attractiveness of the project areas as ecotourism destinations; Develop a non-formal educational opportunity…
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Pedalling and Rowing
Pedalling and Rowing MAIN OBJECTIVES The development of some specific eco-touristic offers (cycling and rowboat rides), as an alternative at…
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ECO-DESTINET – A network developing an European Quality Label for ecotourism destinations MAIN OBJECTIVES create a framework for an European…
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Riding in the Carpathians
Riding in the Carpathians – Equestrian ecotourism for local communities MAIN OBJECTIVES Create a scheme for supporting local communities and…
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Ecotourism in Țara Dornelor
Ecotourism in Țara Dornelor – An instrument for sustainable development MAIN OBJECTIVE Develop and implement an approach to sustainable development…
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Ecotourism certification
Ecotourism certification – A tool for nature conservation and sustainable development MAIN OBJECTIVES creation of a mechanism for certification of…
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