Mission and Objectives

A partnership for nature conservation and tourism in Romania.

The Association of Ecotourism in Romania (AER) is a partnership for nature conservation and tourism development among tourism associations, non-governmental associations acting in local development and nature conservation, nature conservation projects and travel agencies. Therefore, the innovative idea promoted by AER is to bring together the public and the private sector in a partnership for nature conservation and sustainable tourism development.

Promotion & Marketing

  • Promotion of ecotourism activities, programmes and accommodation offered by AER members
  • Participation in international travel shows to promote Romania as an ecotourism destination
  • Press trips for the international media

Public Awareness

  • Press campaigns in the national media on ecotourism development in Romania
  • Participation in national travel shows

Ecotourism Certification

Mechanism of certification of two types of tourist products:

  • Ecotourism programmes / tours provided by tour-operators or guides (eco-tours of maximum 15 participants);
  • Small-scale accommodation structures in rural and natural areas (eco-lodges and guesthouses of maximum 25 rooms).

Strategies & Product Development

  • Development of tourism strategies in and around national/natural parks and protected areas
  • Development of tourist products such as theme paths, trails, interpretation and visitor centres