Interpretation Trails

Carefully set up in natural protected areas (but not only there), interpretation trails can become valuable tools for environmental education, outdoor lessons or simply a way of turning a regular walk or hike into an interactive experience.

In our perception, Nature is full of wonders and mysteries that need to be discovered and appreciated. Most times however, even during a nature trip, we forget to use all our senses, we don’t pay attention at allthe details, we are in a hurry, or we just don’t know where to look. Well designed and planned thematic trails are helpful in such situations. Carefully arranged in natural protected areas (but not only), the thematic trails may become valuable tools for environmental education, outdoor lessons, or just a simply way to transform an ordinary stroll into an interactive experience.

AER has designed several thematic trails in different protected areas of the country. Details of each trail are showed bellow.

The Peat Bog Under a Magnifying Glass

Țara Dornelor’s Traditional Cultural Landscape


  • Location: in the upper part of Postăvaru Massif
  • Starting point: the lower Kanzel cable car station, Poiana Brașov
  • Type: the interpretation boards are located at the upper cable car stations, Postăvaru Hut and Postăvaru peak
  • Language: English, Romanian, German
  • Guided tours: not available
  • Condition: good

Poiana Ștampei Peat Bog

  • Location: Poiana Ștampei Nature Reserve, Suceava county
  • Starting point: follow the signs along the forestry road to Dornișoara
  • Type: linear
  • Language: Romanian
  • Guided tours: Călimani National Park Administration
  • Condition: excellent

The 12 Apostles

  • Location: Călimani National Park
  • Starting point: follow the arrows from the last bus stop in Gura Haitii village to reach the starting point of the trail
  • Type: linear
  • Language: English, Romanian
  • Guided tours: Călimani National Park Visitor Centre
  • Condition: excellent

The Stories of the Forest

Nature’s Trail

  • Location: in the proximity of the Retezat National Park, Țara Hațegului
  • Starting point: Nucșoara
  • Type: linear
  • Language: Romanian, English
  • Guided tours: not available
  • Condition: out of use

The Stories of Măcin