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Pedalling and Rowing

Ecotourism in Țara Hațegului-Retezat and the Danube Delta for local community development and biodiversity conservation

Main objectives:

  • The development of some specific eco-touristic offers (cycling and rowboat rides), as an alternative at motorized transport in these two areas (Destination1: Dinosaurs Geopark Țara Hațegului, Retezat National Park and Destination 2: the North East part of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve) by arranging  in Destination 1 at least 5 bike  routes and minimum 5 routes for oar boats in Destination 2 which can serve as a support for the sustainable development model in protected areas bringing economic benefits for local community development.
  • Increasing the capacity of local networks and local associations to manage the necessary knowledge to practice ecotourism activities with a positive impact towards the biodiversity and to implement best practices in ecotourism and in nature conservation.
  • Increasing local people’s awareness of natural and cultural values from Retezat and the North East part of the Danube Delta and their promotion among the large Romanian public through the model of eco-destinations.


  • Duration: 01 February 2012 – 31 April 2013
  • Budget: 98.920 USD (53.920 USD AER and AIP – Mila 23 contribution)
  • Funding source: GEF-SGP
  • Coordinator: Andrei Blumer