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Ecotourism 2023

Strengthening the ecotourism destination network and the Discover Eco-Romania brand

Main objectives:

  • Increase the performance of the Destination Management Units in order to have a high quality management with the existing resources, through counseling, monitoring, field visits and organizing annual meetings.
  • Strengthening the Discover Eco-Romania brand, by increasing the quality of services and Eco-Romania certification in the destination network and communicating it to the relevant target markets.
  • Increase the profile of Romania as an ecotourism destination, through the creation of common promotion materials, online presence on the eco-romania.ro platform and unitary promotion at national and international level.
  • Maintaining ecotourism on the public agenda and recognizing ecotourism destinations as attractive and managed ecotourism destinations by participating in meetings with central public authorities and major tourism actors at national level.


Duration: 01 August 2019- 31 July 2019

Budget: 180.000 USD

Funding Source: Romanian Environmental Partnership Foundation (Miercurea-Ciuc) and the Romanian-American Foundation (RAF)

Coordinator: Andrei Blumer